ad6c3088f5c1c2c53d93e13c48909e23Le Vian Chocolate Diamond and Vanilla Diamond Turtle Pendant in 14k Strawberry Gold was released and I am not really that ecstatic about it! Tell me what do you think is the reason behind the turtle? Well, we often see an owl in a necklace design right? It might not be too weird for a turtle to appear in the line up anyway. Honestly, I love turtles and any sea creature there is, however, I don’t particularly love this design because of it doesn’t look too elegant for me. Maybe, they are trying to create choices for teenagers as well. If that is the case then I don’t see anything wrong about it, it looks cool and the diamonds adds up to its fashion sense. If you are looking for something to surprise your teenage daughter I’m sure she’ll swoon over this necklace like a bee to a flower. Le Vian’s design has a variety for everyone and that is a super plus point for them.

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